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Baton’s business valuation services are based on real financial data, and come with a personalized roadmap, giving you intel you can build on.

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A business valuation you can build on

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A business valuation is only as good as its inputs.

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Our Proprietary

Baton valuation services

We use 6 different methods of calculations to get your valuation including actual financial reporting and intangible assets.

We leverage our database of over 4 million+ businesses to help you understand how you compare to your peers.

We assign you a dedicated guide to talk you through the valuation analysis: results and potential next steps — for free.

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Compared to

Typical business valuation calculators

Broad inputs i.e. business type, last 12 months’ sales, current operating profit, owner’s salary. Miss assets – key to fair value measurements.

Often have no comps or generic comps, without enough data to compare apples to apples.

Don’t provide analysis or take into account your unique business model which complete the full picture of your business.

A holistic snapshot into your business

Download one of our sample valuation snapshots that you would discuss with your Baton Guide.

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Understanding your results

An expert advisor included with your valuation

Chat through your valuation results and business goals with an expert advisor from your industry (Baton Guide) who can also suggest next steps.

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A business valuation company that puts humans before numbers

Most owners don’t know what their business is really worth — and when an average valuation costs $8,000, you can’t really blame them.

That’s why Baton is committed to ensuring our valuations are 100% free. No fees. No add-ons. No upselling. Just the insights you need for your business to thrive.

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Why owners love Baton valuations

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I feel like a guardian angel has come down to help. I mean I really needed to see this.

Lily from Dandelion

Lily Peachin,


Dandelion Wine Shop & Dandy Wine & Spirits

(Brooklyn, NY)

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Baton really helped me understand what my business was worth and what I could improve to increase the value of my business. The valuation process was super simple...

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trustpilot 5 star rating

Taylor Wallace,


Paws 'n' Rec

(St. Petersburg, FL)

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Who can see my data?

When you share your data with Baton, we use it to crunch the most accurate possible valuation. We never share with third parties, and your valuation is private to you unless you decide to share it.

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