Small business owners

What is your business really worth?

Baton provides small business owners with the data they need to thrive. Get the answers you need to plan your future — for free.


We screen hundreds of potential partners to find the best match for you and your business. The best part? The fees we collect from our partners keeps everything free for you.

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How Baton works

Baton connects to your accounting software, then uses the data you share to generate a valuation. We don’t sell your data to third parties, and we never will. Instead, we make money through referral fees paid by our network of trusted partners and small business brokers.

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Knowing your worth is priceless. We made it free.

A professional valuation takes 4–6 weeks to deliver, and can easily cost over $8,000. With hurdles like those, it’s no wonder 98% of owners don’t know what their business is worth.

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Get the competitive intel your business needs to thrive.

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See where your business can go.

We’ll use your own data to estimate a valuation, track changes as your finances evolve, and suggest ways to increase it.

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Put your team together.

Whether you’re expanding or ready to sell, we’ve got you. Tap into our nationwide network of small business experts and brokers, or connect with buyers who share your values.

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We take your data seriously.

The security and privacy of your financial data are our top priority. We give you control over everything you share and only use tech that meets the highest standards for security, from mandatory security training and background checks to continuous monitoring to keep your data safe.

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At Baton, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to become a small business owner.

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Baton is here to support small business owners every step of the way.

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Lily from Dandelion

"I feel like a guardian angel has come down to help. I mean I really needed to see this."

Lily Peachin, Owner

Dandelion Wine Shop and Dandy Wine & Spirits Brooklyn, NY
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You've worked hard for this.

Whether you’re looking to sell or grow, we’re here to help plan your next big move.