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How to Find a Business Valuation Calculator

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Sam Rodriguez

January 4, 2024 ⋅ 2 min read

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While there are numerous business valuation calculators available online, it's essential to approach them with caution, as they often provide estimates and not precise valuations. However, some reputable platforms offer valuation tools that can give you a rough idea of your business's worth. It’s essential to pair any online business valuation you find online with speaking to an expert. Here are a few options:

  1. Baton

    Ok…we might be a bit biased but there’s one undeniable fact: Baton is the only tool that tailors real time deal data to your business’s unique sales scenario. Selling through Baton means you’re immediately paired with an expert to guide you through entire process.

  2. BizBuySell

    BizBuySell is a well-known online marketplace for buying and selling businesses. They provide a free business valuation tool based on financial data and industry benchmarks. Keep in mind that this is an estimate, and for a more accurate valuation, consulting with professionals is recommended.

  3. BizEx

    BizEx is another platform that offers a business valuation tool. Like other online calculators, it requires inputting financial information and other relevant details. While it can provide a preliminary estimate, it's crucial to recognize its limitations and seek professional advice for a more accurate valuation.

  4. ValuAdder

    ValuAdder is a platform that offers a range of valuation tools and software for small businesses. They provide calculators for various valuation methods, including income-based, market-based, and asset-based approaches. These tools can be useful for understanding different valuation perspectives.

  5. QuickBooks

    QuickBooks, the popular accounting software, offers a simple business valuation tool within its platform. While it may not be as comprehensive as some specialized tools, it can be a starting point for small business owners.

  6. ExitAdviser

    ExitAdviser is an online platform that provides tools for selling a business, including a valuation calculator. It takes into account various financial metrics and industry information to generate an estimate. Again, use it as a preliminary tool and seek professional advice for a detailed valuation.

Remember, these calculators are designed to provide rough estimates and may not capture all the nuances of your specific business situation. For a more accurate valuation, especially if you're considering selling your business, consulting with a certified business appraiser, business broker, or financial advisor is highly recommended. Baton combines national market data with the insights of a market expert to guide you through your sales process. Our team can offer tailored insights based on a thorough analysis of your business's financials, operations, and market conditions.