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Paul Cronin

Paul Cronin

January 20, 2024 ⋅ 3 min read

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Listing your business online is the fasted action you can take today to sell your business. There are several online platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of businesses. The differences among them can be significant, depending on factors such as the type of businesses they cater to, the industries they focus on, and the features they offer. Here are some distinctions among popular marketplaces for selling businesses:


  • Leverages technology: Baton Market is a new marketplace for buying and selling businesses online. Unlike traditional marketplaces, Baton maximizes modern technology to make buying and listing businesses automatic. If you’re a small business owner listing you business for the first time, Baton’s data on other businesses in your industry and region will

  • Team of business brokers: When selling with Baton, you’ll be connected to an expert in your region and industry. Baton is one of the only online marketplaces that combines a digital sales experience with matching an expert to help you through the sales process.


  • Wide range of businesses: BizBuySell is one of the largest online business-for-sale marketplaces, covering a broad spectrum of industries and business types.

  • Listing options: It offers options for both business brokers and individual sellers to list businesses for sale.


  • Digital assets: Flippa specializes in the sale of digital assets, including online businesses, websites, apps, and domains.

  • Auction format: Flippa often uses an auction format for sales, allowing buyers to bid on listed businesses.

Quiet Light Brokerage

  • Mid to high-value businesses: Quiet Light Brokerage focuses on mid to high-value online businesses and has a reputation for selling established and profitable ventures.

  • Expert guidance:

    They provide personalized guidance and expertise throughout the selling process.


  • Broker network: BusinessBroker.net connects sellers with business brokers and potential buyers.

  • Industry focus: It covers a range of industries and business types, catering to a diverse set of sellers and buyers.


  • Middle market focus: Axial is geared towards the middle market, connecting buyers and sellers of mid-sized businesses.

  • Private and confidential: Axial emphasizes privacy and confidentiality in the deal-making process.


  • Industry-specific searches: BizQuest allows users to search for businesses based on specific industries, making it easier for buyers to find businesses in their desired sector.

  • Broker and owner listings: It features both broker-listed businesses and those listed directly by owners.


  • Mergers and acquisitions: MergerPlace specializes in mergers and acquisitions, facilitating the sale of larger businesses and companies.

  • Global reach: It has a global reach, attracting buyers and sellers from various regions.

When choosing a platform to sell a business, considerations should include the type and size of the business, industry focus, the level of support provided, and the preferences of the seller. Additionally, some sellers may choose to work with business brokers who can assist in the sales process, and many of these marketplaces collaborate with brokers to facilitate transactions.