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Welcome to a better small business marketplace

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Chat Joglekar

December 5, 2023 ⋅ 5 min read

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Find your next small business acquisition here

If you’re on the hunt for a small business to acquire, put one hand up. Now, put one finger down if you've ever been ghosted by a business broker. Put a finger down if you’ve ever come across a fake or misleading business listing on a big listing site. Put a finger down if finding and verifying the right business has been harder and slower than you expected. Now, shake it out.

Small business buyers, we heard you. It’s a competitive market, and your time is valuable. Finding and buying your ideal business should be a process as transparent, intuitive, and efficient as shopping for a car or a house — more so since a business can represent an even larger asset and commitment. You deserve access to real, verified business listings, communicative and motivated brokers, and self-serve, instant access to first-party financial data. You should never have to wait for permission or jump through hoops, weed through bogus listings, or sign endless NDAs just to find out if deals are worth pursuing further.

That’s why we built Baton Market: to give you the small business buying experience you deserve (and give sellers the experience they deserve too!). We already have thousands of savvy, motivated buyers on our platform along with hundreds of thousands of on- and off-market business listings. Welcome.

Here's how Baton Market works.

🎬 Watch the video: Welcome to Explore, and a new small business marketplace.
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The end of endless forms and wait times

The back-and-forth of signing an NDA on every deal is a thing of the past. Signing up for Baton is the first step of a better buying experience. It’s a one-time process with a universal platform NDA that takes 2-5 minutes and gets you under the hood of every verified deal you see listed.

The deal flow you've been looking for

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll hit our marketplace. Search and filter to close in on businesses in your ideal market, price range, industry and more. You can search for U.S. businesses across the 50 states and industries. You can also save and name your searches to stay organized and get emails when new businesses that match your criteria hit the market. And speaking of your criteria…

Match Scoring to help you hone in faster

We’ll score each deal in the results 0-100 according to your search criteria to help you quickly get a read on how closely each business meets your search requirements, and how. We’ll also follow up with a weekly email roundup of your latest and best matches to help you beat the crowds.

Explore Businesses with Baton

Verified for-sale small businesses with first-party financials

Verified for-sale deals in your Explore search results are listed exclusively with Baton, which means we have done a lot of the pre-due diligence on these deals, including our proprietary valuation. Pop into the Data Room of any deal you’re interested in to see their first-party financials, owner video interviews, and other evidence to help you figure out if the deal looks good. Still interested? Book a call with a Baton Acquisition Advisor from the top of the Data Room and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Baton Explore Data Room

Never get lost in the shuffle again

When you find a business that ticks all your boxes, you'll find it easy to take next steps here. On each for-sale listing, you'll see options to request more information, book a call with a Baton M&A Advisor, or book a Buyer-Seller call.

500K Off-Market small business gems and counting

We know your search doesn’t end at the last “for-sale” sign in the results. Sometimes the best deals are off-market gems that require more digging to uncover. We’re building the biggest database of small businesses in the U.S. - and it’s free to access. We intentionally built our search foundation from a place of quality, then dialed up to quantity. But what sets us apart from the start is that Explore should help you spend more of your time evaluating deals instead of scraping maps and running cold outreach campaigns.

Automate your cold outreach — on us

Sending cold emails not your thing? Don’t worry, we’re all over it. Click the Contact This Business button to request contact, and we’ll do everything in our power to get a conversation going. If the owner engages, you’ll have the benefit of knowing that the asking price is anchored by Baton’s valuation process. We’ll show you the math.

Top-tier business broker support from humans who actually care

Alongside the creation of a new kind of small business search and marketplace, we overhauled the aging, broken M&A process plagued with unreliable gatekeepers. Our Acquisition Advisors are motivated, proactive, and responsive. We do what it takes to move deals forward for both the buy and sell sides. A recent buyer said it best:

“I was on the buy side. Baton represented the seller. The fact that I'm writing a review for the seller's representation should be a sure sign of truly outstanding service. I look at a lot of CIMS and data rooms. Baton made the process super easy, the data was actually there!, and it was well organized! I know the bar is fairly low with many business brokers even on these basics but I was impressed. As my deal progressed, the communications were timely, pleasant and professional. Even with a couple of hiccups (and what deal doesn't have hiccups), Baton was there to keep the momentum. Color me impressed.”

- Steve Coakley, Franchise Owner, TapSnap Triangle

Feel free to check out our other 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Together, we’re building the small business marketplace you’ve always wanted but couldn’t find. Keep the feedback coming!

If you’re ready to Explore, sign up now. Once you’ve seen it for yourself, we'd love to hear your thoughts: Drop us a line here.