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Baton has everything you need to find and acquire small businesses. No garbage listings to wade through. Listings based on real financial data, and concierge-level support through due diligence and closing.

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    The Baton Certified Buyer badge gets you instant access to verified for-sale listings, with robust financial data, so you can form an opinion.

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    Get higher response rates from owners

    Certification lets owners know you’re serious. When you’re interested in a business, we let them know, and we’re here to support the deal process at every step.

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We help buyers from every background

If you told me a few years ago I’d be building a puppy empire through acquisition, I’d have laughed you out of the fancy tech startup office I was working in.

Taylor Wallace,


Paws 'n' Rec

(St. Petersburg, FL)

Taylor and Bessie
Rachel Roscoe Motel

How buying with Baton works

Find and close with confidence and support

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    Find your match

    Access our database of on- and off-market leads to find your ideal business.

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    Breeze through due diligence

    Receive verified financial data to make due diligence faster and easier.

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    Close the deal

    Our experts will look for ways to cut down costs and expedite your closing.

Resources for Buyers

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Acquiring a Small Business is More Attainable Than You Think

4 min read

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Join a marketplace where everyone is aligned from the start, through data.
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Join a marketplace where everyone is aligned from the start, through data.

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